Why you must visit Aberdeen


If you are a very good friend with the seaside or with the nature, then you should totally visit Aberdeen!

Despite its modern shops, fancy restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian and business centres, Aberdeen still has that ancient Scottish look, that takes you back in time. The City Council, His Majesty’s Theatre, and the Aberdeen Harbour are just a few attractions that will give you a sense of belonging to another era.


Aberdeen City Council



His Majesty’s Theatre

Do you like spending time, taking a good breath of fresh air? That is perfect! You can do that while enjoying a nice walk through The Duthie Park.

Having generous green spaces, artificial lakes, and playgrounds for children, this park is a perfect idea for you, either you want to read a book, to do some jogging, to walk your dog, or to have a little fun with the younger members of your family.

Aberdeen is also a wise choice to take, if you need a time of your own, to put your thoughts in order, and clear your mind. Thanks to its access to the North Sea, Aberdeen is surrounded with breathtaking views. You will definitely fall in love with the amazing cliff, the delicate sand, and the different size stones. But the spectacular lighthouse and the sound of the seagulls will give you a feeling like nothing experienced before.


The North Sea

And, of course, let’s not forget about golf lovers. So, if you want to relax yourself doing what you like the most, I suggest you to look for the golf courses. Because they are located near the seaside, you will delight your eyes with fabulous scenery.

But it is important not forget about the people here. Although you will probably have some trouble understanding their Scottish accent, they are very nice. You will be amazed by how friendly they are, and ready to give all the help you need. So, if you decide to visit Aberdeen, do not hesitate to ask for directions. Smiling, and saying “Hiya” to them is an excellent way to approach them, and making new friends.

Photos: personal archive


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