“On rain” – Martin Page


The writer Martin Page is nothing like I’ve met before. Although I tried to picture him belonging to a certain typology of writers, all my efforts were in vain. Beside the fact he has a special predilection of choosing unconventional subjects for his own books, Martin Page is so versatile, and chameleonic I would say. He knows how to spice up a little bit a chapter, when to give to its writing a serious tone, when it’s appropriate to act like a old wise man, or when the irony and the amusement must go up on the stage.  The white paper is his playground, and he definitely could be considered a valuable word player.

The first time Page and I have met was a few years ago, when I had the chance to read “How I become stupid”. To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning, but absolutely amazed and thrilled at the end of the book. I would never expect to like it so much, but I guess sometimes there’s no big difference between reading and our life. At first, some of our decision may not seem right, the pathway we’re going may be paved with all kinds of obstacles, and because of these we may find ourselves questioning about the accuracy of our decisions. But at the end of the road, we’re very likely to figure out that all the ups and downs, all the doubts were worth it.

With the “On rain” book instead, the things were totally different. I’ve always loved rain, and to be honest, I don’t know if this is because I was born on a rainy day, or because my zodiac sign is fire, and just like the theory says: the opposites attract. But what is certain is that I rushed to the shelf, grabbed the book, and I walked back home telling to myself that I’ll be reading this book when the time is right. I know, I may seem to you slightly bizarre, but I believe that every book has its own special moment when it should be read.

Regarding “On rain”, its moment came after several months. And I have to confess that waiting for so long to read the book was like eating a cake. As you may already know, you eat slowly its content, just to keep delighting your mind with the thought of that creamy and delicious icing on the top, that you are about to enjoy later on. Well, Martin Page didn’t disappoint me at all, fact that is pushing me to the edge of writing his name on my favorite writer’s list.

“On rain” is actually an essay written so pragmatically, but also candidly by Page. It’s true that I love rain, and the mood it creates, but I never thought that rain plays such an important role in our life. Rain is everywhere. That’s what I learned from Martin Page. Rain means beauty, freedom, love, calmness, transparency, and beyond all these, rain is life. That’s the reason why, the next time a rain will catch me on the street, I won’t try to hide from it under my umbrella anymore. I won’t go inside a coffeehouse; I won’t run from its drops. Rain is a miracle, and Martin Page succeeded to remind me that these small and insignificantly things, like we tag them, are in fact the most precious, beautiful and vivid in our life.

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